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Take the FIRST STEP to creating a career that will change your life
The Pretty Focused ROADMap will answer your questions...
 Are you interested in becoming a food photographer but unsure of how it could fit in your life ?
 Do you want to be able to use your camera to do work you truly enjoy?
 Are you clueless about what gear you would need ?
 Are you wondering how people who aren't pro photographers are able to do it?
The Pretty Focused ROADMap will answer your questions...
The Pretty Focused ROADMap will allow you to start your food photography journey the right way
If you have always dreamed of being able to stay home with your kids and still help your family, YOU CAN as a food photographer for bloggers.
Even if you're not a professional photographer. And even if you've never charged people for your photos before.
You see, thousands of bloggers, online publishers and content creators need help developing, creating, styling and photographing recipes and crafts. 

They hire photographers to help them re-do old recipe photos that look out of date. They also hire people to shoot new recipes when they are pressed for time. 
 They could be hiring you. 
As a food photographer for bloggers: 
$125 - $200+
Average For Exclusive Sponsored Posts

$65 - $150+
Average For Exclusive Content and Recipe/Craft Photo Redos

$80 - $300+
Average For Non-Exclusive Content

The ROADMap is your introduction into the world of food photography and I'm your guide
Hi, I'm Melodee Fiske. I am  a mom, a wife,  a photographer,  an educator and co-creator of Pretty Focused and, now,
 the Pretty Focused ROADMap.  
I've taught more than 150 women to become food photographers for bloggers. 
Their work is seen by millions around the world. And they do it from their kitchen or their dining room. On their own time and on their own terms. I want to teach you how to do the same!
I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I did. I've personally curated The Pretty Focused ROADMap to be the perfect introduction to this field. 
MODULE 1: In this module, you'll get an overview of the exact gear I recommend - including camera, lenses and styling props. You'll also learn whether or not your current gear will be good enough for food photography.
MODULE 2: This module is all about success. In it, we interview two of our very successful students. They tell us the secrets behind how they established their food photography businesses so quickly and what they do to keep their blogger clients coming back.
MODULE 3: In this module, you'll follow me as I conduct two full photo shoots from start to finish. You'll see exactly what the job of food photographer looks like and learn my tips and tricks for creating beautiful photos that clients love.
MODULE 4: We talk about working with bloggers in this module. We interview two bloggers who regularly hire food photographers, learning what they look for in a photographer and what should be in your portfolio to even be considered.
To ensure our students are the most focused, the first module will be released after the holidays. And, best of all, after it starts, you can take things at your own pace, when it is most convenient for you.  So you never have to worry about falling behind or finding time.  The RoadMap works on your schedule.
*Testimonials from Pretty Focused Graduates
I set a goal for myself in October, when I started working for bloggers. I wanted to be able to pay for my kids' Christmas from my earnings. Not only have I achieved that goal, I've made enough to pay for the rest of our Christmas expenses. I'm completely speechless and totally humbled.
The only experience I had shooting food was posting what I was eating on Instagram.   

The tips and tricks Melodee has shared helped me take my photos from beginner to holding their own among elite food photographers!
How is the ROADMap different from your $497 Pretty Focused course?
ROADMap provides a starting point for those not ready to invest in a comprehensive course like Pretty Focused (which includes community feedback, portfolio review and access to the Pretty Focused Buyers Club). I created the RoadMap because so many people asked me for an introductory course into the world of food photography for bloggers.  Without making a big investment, they wanted to learn if food photography was right for them as well as the ins and outs of getting paid to do it.
When does The ROADMap begin? 
The first module will be released right after the holidays on January 13, 2020.
What is the format of the ROADMap
This mini-course consists of online video tutorials and interviews, which you can watch at your own pace, when it is convenient for you. 

After spending Friday evening and all day Saturday doing a wedding shoot, it made me appreciate food photography so much! I'm glad  I didn't have to spend several years building a portrait/ wedding business.
  • The Pretty Focused RoadMap ($97)
    Two Full Length Session Walk Throughs ($250)
  • Total Value: $347
  • One-time Payment of $27
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